fredag den 3. oktober 2008

Short update

Everything's fine here...chaotic, but fine :). Our "earthly goods" are all gathered in the confirmand class room in one end of the vicarage, while the carpenter, smith, electrician, painter is at work in the rest of the house. I'm really thankful we can stay in my family's house in Haderslev for another fortnight...I think that will make it a lot easier for us, when we finally move into the vicarage in Gesten as a lot more will be finished by then.

Everyone has been absolutely kind and welcoming - I feel so inspired and happy with this new job already! My first service is Sunday, and I'm looking forward to it...afterwards there'll be a small lunch arranged by the church council taking place at the local school.

Samuel and Filippa started daycare and kindergarten today...only for about an hour, but indeed a very positive experience. I could hardly get Filippa to leave with me from the kindergarten, and Samuel's daycare mom was just perfect - kind, caring, wise, and with loads of experience - what a shame he has to change again in November, but Selma is retiring so there's not much to do about it. I'm sure the new daycare will be fine too though...

Henrik's been to Falster all day - he still has his storage room for his business there, so he has to go there every once in a while....I miss him, when he's away - but I guess that's a good thing after six years of marriage!

søndag den 28. september 2008

Monday morning

Tomorrow "the moving people" are invading our house, so this is the last regular day here. I still feel I have A LOT left to do, but rationally it's not that bad, it's just my nerves running away with me...we will get through it somehow.
Henrik and the kids will leave for Henrik's mom and Arne tomorrow morning, no need to have the kids around while everything is packed; it will probably only cause confusion. Sure they'll have a much better day with their grandmother and her boyfriend. I have to stay behind until around 4 as we'll have the "final go-see" with the church council and the dean at 3. They'll go through the house and make sure everything is okay. I hate this invasion of privacy (usually, we have it once a year), but this time I'm pretty indifferent to it I must admit as most of our things are already away at that point.
When it' s over I'll drive to Elna's and we'll have dinner there before heading for Haderslev, which will be our domicil for the next fortnight or so, while the first renovations on the vicarage in Gesten is done. My parents are in Madagascar until the 16th, so that's quite convenient with an empty house to live in.

fredag den 26. september 2008

Going through memories...

Packing, packing, packing...going through old photos, old letters, old diaries - all sorts of memories arise from paper, pictures, and my words written by a previous "edition" of's a mental journey as well as a physcial one moving to another place - after all I've said about Stubbekøbing it is still the place where we had our kids; the place they first smiled, first babbled, where Filippa first walked, and Samuel first crawled :).

I wanted to share all kind of deep, sentimental ;) thoughts, but Samuel is busy ripping the computer and printer apart, so I'll just end it here and spare you!!! Being a mother is endless love and endless disturbing.

torsdag den 25. september 2008

Dancing words

To start a blog

To write a sentence

To let the words dance...

I'm starting this blog hoping it will be just another medium to keep in touch with my friends around the globe as well as home.

There's not much I want to share today - The pic I add is from yesterday's paper which included a good-bye interview with me. Everything seems to be "good-byes" at the moment, and next week it will be nothing but "hellos" :)